The Thyroid: Our master metabolism controller

What is the thyroid and why should you care? The thyroid gland controls the entire metabolism of all cells in the human body, so when things feel like they are slowing down, the thyroid is likely an area to look into. The thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland situated on your neck.  The thyroid isContinue reading “The Thyroid: Our master metabolism controller”

How to reduce toxin exposure for a gentle detox

We are bombarded with different environmental chemicals in day to day life that are affecting male and female fertility, over-burdening our livers, causing cancers and contributing to cognitive decline. The thyroid in particular is a very vascular gland that is easily effected and damaged by toxins. Some occupations such as hair dressers, builders, mechanics, nailContinue reading “How to reduce toxin exposure for a gentle detox”

Iron deficiency in pregnancy

Iron deficiency anaemia affects 42% of pregnant people. Without adequate iron stores, anaemia can develop that effects the mother and unborn child. Iron is needed to form all body cells, building the placenta, increasing maternal iron stores and of course creating all tissues in the unborn child. Iron forms part of proteins involved in DNAContinue reading “Iron deficiency in pregnancy”

Omega-3, pregnancy and preterm birth

Preterm birth (birth before 37 weeks gestation) is leading cause of neonatal mortality. Infants born preterm generally require care in neonatal intensive care, and can have an increased risk of a number of potentially serious complications such as cerebral palsy, respiratory distress syndrome, intraventricular haemorrhage, necrotising enterocolitis and blindness. Preterm birth cannot be easily predicted,Continue reading “Omega-3, pregnancy and preterm birth”

How stress affects your hormones

Is stress contributing to your infertility and hormonal problems? The short answer is that if stress is a major factor in your life, it is most likely having an effect on your hormones. Our body adapts to stress very quickly, adaptability is what has ensured human survival. However long-term adaptation to stress tells our monkeyContinue reading “How stress affects your hormones”